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In our gardens, instead of following different trends, we look for the “spirit of the place,” the garden’s own history. This is our design guideline, even if it's a modern garden or an organic landscape.
The garden is not just a spectacle, but a connection: between Heaven and Earth, nature and man. In a good plan, less is always more - our goal is never self-realizing design, but the inspiring use of talent.

Are you ready? Experience this connection! We will help you find your way!


Tátrai Vanda

"...The angels were very saddened, and each sat on a cloud with their dredges, and with their tiny, cute scissors, scratching the note sheets on tiny slices that landed on the ground. The wind picked up the paper slices and scattered them like snowflakes all over the world. People rushed to shreds of paper, one big piece, the other little one, and carefully locked these little notes and melodies of heavenly music in their hearts... " (German fairytale)

Many, many pieces have fallen to Vanda, and she has been handing them out two handfuls ever since...:-)

Teresa Moller

Internationally renowned landscape architect, lives in Chile. We have first met her work at IGA, Berlin. His show garden, furnished in a permanent exhibition there, was named "Under the trees". Not only the spirit of the place radiates from the spaces she has designed, but also the harmony of the built and the natural, the humility of the interventions, the greatness of simplicity...

Teresa Moller

Nico Wissing

Dutch landscape architect. The "great father" of sustainable landscape architecture. His works are eye-openers, in which the elements of nature are given a novel guise. They support the operation of nature with engineering solutions, showing a unique design and a new direction for users of landscape architects and architects. His innovative approach is the keynote of the landscape architecture solutions of the future. The creator and creator of the NL label.

Nico Wissing - Doetinchem

Our team

Füzesi Krisztina

Füzesi Krisztina

Landscape architect

2017-  : landscape architect, garden designer, Gaia Kertműhely
2015-2017: employed landscape architect
2012-2015: green area rapporteur, Hévíz City Municipality
2008-2012: landscape architect, Pannon Táj- és Kertépítész Műhely
2002-2004: landscape architect, Liget Kertépítész Iroda
1999-2002: nature conservation officer, White Raven Nature Conservation Association

Szabó-Lits Bernadett

Szabó-Lits Bernadett

Landscape architect

2017- : landscape architect, garden designer, 3D plans, Gaia Kertműhely
2012-2017: employed landscape architect 
2010-2012: Funktio ja Estettikka Maisemasuunnittelu, own company (Finland)
2004-2010: Budapesti Corvinus University, Faculty of Landscape Architecture

Füzesi Zoltán

Füzesi Zoltán


Taking aerial photos


 Public park, public garden 
  • The environment of Roman ruins (museum garden, ruin garden), Hévíz
  • Garden of the Church of the Holy Spirit, Hévíz
  • Idea competition for the long-term development of the Hévíz Spa and St. Andrew's Rheumatism Hospital - hospital park development plan (idea competition, 1st prize)
  • Seven Mile Park, Óhíd
  • Traditions Park, Nagygörbő
  • Light park, Jászfényszaru
  • Heroes' Square, King Stephen's Park, Jászapáti
  • Environmental design plan of Szigetfürdő and Beech entrance, Keszthely
  • Reconstruction of the former brewery building complex - green area plan, Keszthely
  • Garden of the Jókai Museum, Balatonfüred
  • Therapeutic garden, Kisapáti (tender)
  • Keszthely, TOP-2.1.2-15-ZA1-2016-00003, Green city development project, Helikon Park landscape design
  • Komárom, TOP-7.1.1-16-H-ESF-2020-01921, Strategic planning of the project entitled Green Komárom - green future
Playgarden, playground, thematical nature path 
  • Ruin garden playground, Hévíz
  • Buba's sing playground, Hévíz
  • Two pepper oxen playground, Jászberény
  • Somvirág playground, Old Bridge
  • Aranyalma playground, Keszthely
  • Ferenc Buruczky educational trail, Kovácsi hill
  • Berki walkway, Hévíz
  • Rostalika playground, Szántódpuszta
  • Kindergarten renovations (Székesfehérvár, Nagykapornak, Balatonederics)
Private gardens, hotel gardens, cityscape, village-scape 
  • Private gardens on the Danube from here and beyond :-)
  • Eden Hotel and Spa ***** luxury hotel garden (hotel and outdoor pool system)
  • HAK City hotel and outdoor pool system
  • Green surface system plan (Hévíz)
  • Professional work parts of settlement structure and regulation plans (in Transdanubian settlements)
  • Street plantings, green areas of roundabouts, planning of green islands in the center of the settlement (around Lake Balaton)
  • Green surface image design (small settlements in Transdanubia)
  • Landscaping plans, Balaton Uplands

Never ending garden

There are many ways to get to know the world and ourselves. One of them is the path offered by fairytales. Centuries and certain knowledge have been accumulated in them about the orders of the world and soul, condensed into images and codes. The fairytales are maps, which help you navigate the inner landscapes of our souls. Experiencing a fairytale in reality is nothing more than a reconnection between our souls and nature. It revives the vision and perception we had a few centuries ago. The fairytale-tuned garden is therefore INFINITE - the endless paths of our souls intertwined with the infinite harmony of nature. 


Weöres Sándor:  Ének a határtalanról
(Song about limitlessness)

Amikor még senkise voltam,
fény, tiszta fény,
a kígyózó patakokban gyakran aludtam én.

Hogy majdnem valaki lettem,
kő, durva kő,
hegytetőn, jég-erezetten
hömpölygetett nagy erő.

​ És végül élni derültem,
láng, pőre láng,
a szerte határtalan űrben
mutatom valódi hazánk.

A playground will be more, if you tune it to the theme of a fairytale. A fairytale therapy path gives visitors a new experience, even if the visitor's goal is not necessarily the successful therapy. In our own garden we will feel the best, if we do not follow trends when shaping it. We will manage to find its uniqueness and spirit of the place, if we spice it with our own story.Every person has their own story — each landscape has its own tale. That's what we call genius loci, the spirit of the place. Whether it's a small garden or a wide-panoramad landscape with fields and forests, you need to keep your eyes open and notice the signs that the landscape sends and tells us.

When man and nature were still living together organically, these signs and messages were vital to humans, and meant survival. According to a Siberian proverb, "Those who do not know the trees get lost in the forest, who do not know the tales, get lost in life".

The language of fairytales is one such signal system, which, if it finds savvy ears and sentient souls, opens the doors to the real world.  In fairy tales, the human-landscape relationship is organic. In many stories, nature's characters are important companions, helpers of man, of good, as well as of life. Today's civilized man desperately needs to recreate and re-tune natural relationships, in which a fairy-tale garden, the story of a fairy tale in a natural environment, is of great help. ​

The garden is used as a therapeutic tool all over the world, with serious results in the context of rehabilitation treatments, in shortening the healing time of diseases. Using the therapeutic garden as a healing tool is still a little-known practice in Hungary, however, the psychological importance of fairytale therapy is becoming more and more well known and popular. Linking the garden and the healing results synergy. The theme gardens tuned to a fairytale combine the therapeutic power of fairytales and the power of nature.These green areas mean great and special help not only for children, but anybody who is open to it. In addition to their multifaceted use for therapeutic purposes, they enrich green space services with new experience elements.

Watching a fairytale opens our eyes in other ways too. In a fairytale garden we also open up to nature, our perception expands, we begin to observe plants, animals, garden lights, shadows. In such a garden section, the aim is not necessarily to visualize a fairytale protagonist directly, e.g. in the form of a sculpture, but rather to help you experience the emotions in associated with the situation. For example, after the depressing, terrifying effect of a dark, pine-densely surrounded narrow path, reaching for a sunny clearing is a liberating experience in itself. The role of direct forms and sculptures can only be secondary, if necessary, in such a space. The spirit and energy of the place must radiate the feelings displayed through the fairy tale.


Füzesi Krisztina
Szabó-Lits Bernadett

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